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Program Results

Directions for Youth & Families programs made a significant difference in our central Ohio community. In 2014, more than 6,247 youth and their families received services through our programs. We measure outcomes in all our programs to ensure we are meeting the needs of youth and families.

The following is a summary of 2014 DFYF programs, numbers served, and participants' outcomes. 

Program Number Served Program Outcome
Anger Management Options 47 97% of youth served displayed an improvement in functioning by the end of services.
Behavioral Healthcare 559 85% of clients displayed an improvement in functioning as measured by their treatment goals by the end of services.
Building Bright Futures (Reclaim Ohio) 144 74% of youth displayed an improvement in functioning by the end of services.
Building Bright Futures (UW) 187 84% of clients completing the program showed an increase in school attendance and improved grades.
Children of Murdered Parents and Siblings (COMPS) 30 50% of youth were better able to cope with their loss and improved their ability to function.
Children Who Witness Violence 64 85% of youth were better able to cope with their experience at the end of service.
 Family Outreach Substance Abuse Counseling (FOSAC) 66  76% of youth that completed the program reduced or eliminated their use of alcohol and/or drugs.
Psychiatric Services 224 224 youth and adults were referred to our Psychiatrist for medication intervention services.
Life Skills 149 149 middle school youth completed the prevention program for abstaining from alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs.
My Best Self 1,611 92% completing the program to encourage abstinence or delayed sexual activity showed improvement in their ability to make responsible, informed decisions about relationships, by completed post-tests.
Ohio Avenue Youth Center 223 93% of youth successfully completed the after-school program which included drug and alcohol prevention groups, Healthy Leaders, Life Skills, art, music, recreation, homework help, dance and computer education.
Outreach Counseling Program 1780 90% of youth completing services successfully completed their treatment goals and avoided contact with Juvenile Court for one year following the end of services.
Positive Paths Parenting 229 78% of participants increased their knowledge of parenting skills by the end of services.
PROMISES for Victims of Sexual Abuse 75 98% of clients demonstrated improvement in their personal goals, decreasing the negative effects of sexual abuse.
Ready, Set, Grow - Kindergarten Readiness Program 111 92% of youth and parents improved their home environment and learned the skills necessary for the beginning of school, ready to learn.
School Connections 753 93% of youth completing services improved their school behavior and performance.
Short Stop Youth Center 68 89% improved overall feeling of self-esteem by participating in the Arts programming and homework help.
Student Outreach Services 863 863 Columbus City School students received a mental health assessment and were referred to a variety of DFYF programs.
Teen Parent Connection 47 86% of teen/young adult parents successfully completing services to improve parenting skills and improve daily living skills.
Clients served*: Total clients (unduplicated):

*Note: Program category numbers equal more than 6,247

because some clients are served in more than one program.


In FCY 2014, more than 6,247 youth and families received services.



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